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More Information - VCSD Property Owners - 300% Increase in Library Tax  

Victor School District Property Owners are Being Asked
to Approve a 300% Increase in the 'Library Tax'

Important Note: This is a SEPARATE proposal needing a SEPARATE vote
from the vote on the Victor Central School District 2022-2023 Budget.

Official Sources and Announcements

Citizen Discussion Forums

Estimated TAX Impact on Property Owners

Printable Worksheet

As of 04-14-2022 we have decided NOT to use a payment processor (like Paypal) for donations,
since the fees taken out would reduce actual donation amounts received by about 4%. 

Please send any contributions in the form of checks or money orders to:

'Property Tax Watchdog Group'
(Memo: VOTE NO - May 17, 2022 - 300% Library Tax Increase)
50 W. Main Street (lower front)
Victor, NY 14564

  Funds Raised Will Be Used to Fund

  • 'JUST VOTE NO' Hub Website
  • 'JUST VOTE NO' Yard Signs
  • 'JUST VOTE NO' Reminder Impact Postcards
  • 'JUST VOTE NO' Flyers for Canvassing Efforts
  • 'JUST VOTE NO' Penny Saver Inserts
  • 'JUST VOTE NO' Letters to the Editor
  • 'JUST VOTE NO' Picket Signs
  • 'JUST VOTE NO' Broadcast News Outlets
  • 'JUST VOTE NO' other

Please Note the Following

  • 'Property Tax Watchdog Group' has chosen to use a 'Crowd-Funding' approach for this project - reporting progress toward our fundraising goals and/or giving updates on our expenditures at least on a weekly basis. Please scroll down to see more on this...
  • We probably will not receive the amount needed to fund all of our public awareness and advocacy options, but we promise to do our best with whatever comes in.
  • Note: Potential actions and activities listed above may or may not be part of the actual campaign to be implemented.
  • What can and cannot be done is mostly dependent on the funds we're able to raise and support from those in the community affected.
  • For both practical and strategic reasons, most of what we are working on will not be made available to the general public ahead of time.
  • Unless they choose otherwise, and to the best of our abilities, the identities of those making donations will remain confidential.


CLICK HERE to contact us regarding other ways you may be able to assist us in our efforts.


'Property Tax Watchdog Group' is an independent, nonpartisan voice for those affected by changes in property taxes. It was formed to help ensure that taxpayer dollars being collected are spent responsibly, and that the governments given taxing authority to do so are operating properly and within their means. Under the DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, all content published online is protected under copyright law, regardless of it having the copyright symbol on the page. Any content, no matter the form it takes (whether digital, print, or media) is protected under copyright law. < Source: